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error: communication with WB failed due to wrong XML format

    • walter binda

      Hello everyone! I'm using Ansys student version 2023 R1, i have a problem with the simulation,

      sometimes, while the simulation go on and i have the solution monitoring panel open to see if the convergenge goes well, it happen that the graphic simulation in the scene pane stops while the iteration proceed, when the simulation reach the last iteration the message in object comes out.

      this not happens always.

      anyone can help me?

      thank you!

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Walter,


      Can you do an app data reset? To do an APPDATA reset:

      a. Completely close out Ansys (all open projects)
      b. Open a Windows Explorer window and in the bar at the top input: %APPDATA%
      c. Go into the Ansys folder
      d. Rename the vxx.x​ folder to vxx.x​_old (so that there isn't a folder named vxx.x​)
      e. Launch ANSYS and all your setting will be reset.
      Things like Windows updates, system crashes, hard shutdowns, etc., can impact your settings, so cleaning them out on occasion is a good thing. ​
      Please see if this helps.
      Ashish Khemka
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