Error encountered while PREPARE >>CLOSE

    • buzzbuzz

      I added a Simulink model to Twin Builder; linked it to the Simulink model using s-function (AnsoftSFunction) and did Sim2Sim Simplorer Link Interface. However just when I am analyzing it returns this message

      Project6 (C:/Users/KIIT/Documents/Ansoft/)

       [info] Simplorer enables the simulation of power electronics and electromechanical systems, and is now included with all electronics products. These capabilities, plus features like Modelica, ROM building, and system-level digital twins, are also part of the new ANSYS Twin Builder product, which appears in the Twin Builder configuration of the Electronics Desktop. (11:51:06 AM Feb 27, 2022)


        [info] Compilation... (2:06:43 PM Feb 27, 2022)

        [info] Compiler completed successfully. (Time < 1 sec) (2:06:44 PM Feb 27, 2022)

        [info] Analyzing... (2:06:44 PM Feb 27, 2022)

        [error] [Sim2000] Error - A supported Matlab installation was not found. >> Prepare (2:06:45 PM Feb 27, 2022)

        [error] [Sim2000App] Error 10532 - Error encountered while PREPARE. >> Close (2:06:45 PM Feb 27, 2022)

        [error] Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine. (2:06:45 PM Feb 27, 2022)

       "supported Matlab installation was not found" seems unusual as I correctly linked the two (Maxwell and MATLAB)

    • Howard
      Ansys Employee

      Could you review the Twin builder help manual? Please see below. Thanks.

    • Howard
      Ansys Employee

      The attached picture is here.
      Twin Builder checks the latest installed version of MATLAB to establish a link. If that version is not supported, Twin Builder checks for other installed versions. If a supported version is located, Twin Builder registers that version to establish a link. To manually register MATLABÔÇöwhich is required to return to the previously registered versionÔÇödo the following:
      1. Open a Windows cmd window.
      2. Change the current directory to /bin/win64.
      3. Type Matlab.exe /regserver and press Enter.
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