Error finding variable “TSUPERH_FL2”

    • amkum

      Hello all,

      I am trying to simulate two-phase flow using thermal phase change model. I am using CEL to impose interfacial area density and interphase heat transfer. However, I am getting this error

      Error finding variable "TSUPERH_FL2" within domain CCL is possibly invalid.  

      My CEL:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

          &replace EXPRESSIONS: 
            BubbleNumberDensity = 50000000[m-3]
            Cpp = H2Ol.Specific Heat Capacity at Constant Pressure
            JakobNumber = (H2Ol.Density*H2Ol.Specific Heat Capacity at Constant Pressure *H2Ol.Superheating)/(H2Og.Density *(Lheat + 1.0E-12[J kg^-1]))
            Jat = JakobNumber
            Kp = H2Ol.Thermal Conductivity
            L = Lheat
            Lheat = H2Og.Static Enthalpy-H2Ol.Static Enthalpy
            Nb = BubbleNumberDensity
            NuWolfert = 12.0*JakobNumber /pi + 2.0*sqrt(PecletNumber /pi)
            Nup = NuWolfert
            PecletNumber = (dp*Urelative)/ThermalDiffusivity
            ThermalDiffusivity = H2Ol.Thermal Conductivity /(H2Ol.Density*H2Ol.Specific Heat Capacity at Constant Pressure)
            Tsup = H2Ol.Tsuperheat
            Urelative = sqrt((H2Ol.Velocity u -H2Og.Velocity u)^2+(H2Ol.Velocity v -H2Og.Velocity v)^2+(H2Ol.Velocity w -H2Og.Velocity w)^2)
            ap = ThermalDiffusivity
            apphaq = H2Og.Volume Fraction
            dp = ((6.0*H2Og.Volume Fraction)/(pi*BubbleNumberDensity))^0.3333333
            liqden = H2Ol.Density
            pe = PecletNumber
            vapden = H2Og.Density



      Thanks in advance!


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    • rfblumen
      Ansys Employee

      It's hard to tell from the information provided but it appears related (based on the naming in the error message) to your variable H2OL.Tsuperheat.  To investigate this further, you'll need to submit a service request to Ansys Support.

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