Error: Free nodes

    • DriesTm

      Dear all,

      For our Master's Thesis we have to study the aerodynamics of a solar car. Currently, we're in the meshing stage and we're using Ansys Fluent Meshing. We now have an accurate mesh, but in order to still increase the efficiency, we're doing a convergence study of the most difficult parts. When we adjust a certain parameter (for example; decreasing the max and min cell size of the surface mesh at a certain place) we get the error "After Surface Mesh, the model consists of 5 free nodes that could not be repaired. The CAD needs to be repaired before proceeding."

      We think it's weird that we get this error, since we're using the same CAD file as before. What are these free nodes and why are we getting this when we're just trying to decrease the cell size?

      Sometimes, when we adjust the max cell size, we don't get this error. Maybe a better understanding in these free nodes will get us a better insight in solving this problem.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Free nodes in Fluent Meshing mean you've got detached edges/faces. When are these occurring?
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