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General Mechanical

Error hydrodinamic diffraction AQWA

    • julienAN3


      I am trying to modelize a jack up offshore platform on ansys aqwa in order to get:

      Diffraction + Froude-Krylov (Force/Moment vs Frequency & Direction);
      RAOs (Response Amplitude Operators) (Distance/Rotation vs Frequency & Direction).

      I have followed various tutorial to get here, but when I try to solve my problem i got theses messages of error (cf file annexed) and being new to AQWA... I have absolutely no idea where i´ve done wrong...

      Meshing values; Defeaturing tolerance: 0,115m; Max element size: 0,24m; Max allowed frequency: 1,188Hz
      Which gives: number of nodes: 562870; number of elements: 573188 (is it this that gives me the "number coordinates exceeded") ?

      So any piece of information, advise or secret formula are welcome.


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