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General Mechanical

Error in a coupled thermomechanical analysis in ANSYS WB

    • purli

      Currently I am working on ANSYS WB performing a coupled thermomechanical analysis using ANSYS APDL snippets for element activation and deactivation (EKILL,EALIVE). Element activation is being done in the second step of the analysis with the necessary Loop for a specific raster path. 

      Time and the number of sub-steps for the second Load step of the analysis are being provided with the TIME and NSUBST commands. But currently I am being encountered with an error  "Present time is less than or equal to the previous time in a transient thermal analysis", I have tried all the different ways possible but the error is the same . I guess I am missing something important when embedding APDL into WB. 


      So any suggestions regarding the same is highly appreciable.


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