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Error in Ansys Electronics

    • OlhA Dubinina

      Please help me, what kind of error is this? What should I do? does not count any process
    • Ivonne Marti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi OlhA,

      Please find below for the list of the usual culprits for this “COM engine” issue:

      1. Verify that CPU and RAM were not at 100% at the time of the error message. Also make sure that hyperthreading is disabled.

      2. Ask IT to add security (anti-virus, firewall, etc.) exceptions to AnsysEM folder to ensure that they don't interfere with ANSYS processes.

      3. Don’t connect to both Wi-Fi and LAN at the same time and don’t switch network.

      4. Don't connect to VPN or connect, then disconnect. If connect, then disconnect, please reboot or run:

      ipconfig /release


      ipconfig /renew

       5. Try extending licensing timeout by setting FLEXLM_TIMEOUT=10000000 environment variable

       6. Check with IT if there was network instability around the time of error message

      I hope it helps you. Ivonne



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