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Error in Ansys-Forte simulation running

    • Haitham Al-Wakeel

      I simulated a case from (Ansys-Forte Quick Start Guide) using ANSYS-Forte 2022R1 software launched from university Appsanywhere under Windows environment and high spec computer linked to the university server. The computer specifications are CPU Intel core i9, 3GHz, RAM 64 GB.

      When I run the simulation, during (Creating auto mesh), the following error appears in the MONITOR file:

      (forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violation)

      forrtl: error (200): program aborting due to window-CLOSE event

      Image                        PC                                Routine                 Line            Source            

      libifcoremd.dll            00007FFEAE313D38   Unknown               Unknown    Unknown

      KERNELBASE.dll      00007FFEFF6629F3   Unknown               Unknown    Unknown

      KERNEL32.DLL         00007FFF00C97614   Unknown               Unknown    Unknown

      ntdll.dll                        00007FFF01F426A1   Unknown               Unknown    Unknown

      Please, could you help to fix this error.


    • Judy Cooper
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Haitham:

      What Windows OS are you running on?

      This error looks like there may be some problem with the Forte installation or an incompatibility with the OS. 

      Another possibility is that Forte was not installed with administrator privileges.  The latter will prevent Forte from accessing certain system files, like .dlls

      I would consider completely removing Forte from the machine and reinstalling it.

      Best Regards,


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