Error in Ansys Forte?

    • _aryaman

      I'm running a fluid flow simulation of air in an IC Engine in Ansys Forte (without combustion). My simulation crashes abruptly with the following error:

      Could anyone please tell the reason for this error:

      error: left fluid cell face at    45564 on      3 with f values (i4,im) are  0  1

      Error: the chunk cannot be validated due to problems in vertex connectivity.

      Please contact Ansys Support for help.

      GNS solution file closed successfully

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      This is a meshing error. Unfortunately many things in the configuration can cause such a symptom. It is difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the Forte project.
    • _aryaman
      thankyou very much for replying. I need to solve this error for further progress in my project, is there any way I can share the Forte Project with you?
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