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Student Competition

Error in Ansys Meshing: “The imprint zone extends outside the target zone”

    • Fernando Hernández
      I keep on getting this error while trying to implement an inflation in Meshing: "Pre-inflation failed at face retriangulation. The imprint zone extends outside the target zone."
      Does anybody know what it means and how could I solve it? I can't find any useful information about it.
      The strange thing is that I have already worked on a model in which I could implement the same exact inflation over the same exact body. The only difference is that the body is now 3 cm higher from the ground, via a body transformation (translate) applied in the Ansys Geometry module. 
      I would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.
      Best regards,
    • SRP


      Try to include the part completely, that is given named selection in the inflation layer.

      Thank you


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