error in cfd post

    • mossaied2


      after finishing my simulation, the postprocessing component failed to show the model, showing the following error:

      CFD-Post Application Error


      File 'C:BrownWorkHeatProjectsingle phase coolingzigzag_filesdp0FLU-2FluentSYS-1.1-2-01645.dat.gz' does not exist or is not readable.

      I do not know where is the problem. I am afraid of losing 12 hours simulation results!!!!!

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi mossaied2,

      Please check whether the file exists and if you have read permission to the file.

      If that doesn't help, try closing CFD-Post, Right click on Results and click on Reset. Then try open CFD-Post again.

      This error also may come when you have spaces or special characters in folder names. Please rename folders accordingly to remove this error. 

      Let us know if any of these help.



    • mossaied2

      Thanks Win

      I renamed them accordingly although I lost the .dat file. I reran the simulation again. I set the autosave to 200 iterations, so every 200 iterations the results are saved. Although while running the simulation I discovered the following error while running

      Writing "| gzip -2cf > C:BrownWorkHeatProjectsinglePhaseCoolingzigzagAlpha_filesdp0FLUFluentFFF.1-1-00800.dat.gz"...

      Writing temporary file C:UsersMostafaAppDataLocalTempflntgz-191567 ...

      gzip: C:UsersMostafaAppDataLocalTempflntgz-191567.gz: No space left on device


      Warning: Error in writing compressed file "C:BrownWorkHeatProjectsinglePhaseCoolingzigzagAlpha_filesdp0FLUFluentFFF.1-1-00800.dat.gz"Done.


      so clearly fluent cannot write to the file basically. I have 3 Gigs left on my device  (c partition). is that the reason? 





    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      yes, please clear disk space. 

      also please make sure that you clear %temp% folder as fluent users this space for zipping the files. 

      if this helps you, please mark this post as 'is solution' to help others on forum.



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