Error in Co-Simulation

    • Dinesh_R

       Maxwell2DDesign1 (Transient, XY)

        [warning] Maxwell2d solver, process solver2d: Internal Solver Warning: 'Simplore coupling Or simulink coupling, stop checking steady state ' 

       [warning] [Sim2000App] Warning 10907 - A complete convergence within the maximum number of iterations allowed of <40> could not be achieved for all time steps. Convergence failed on conserved terminal . Node: net_36<%> >> Calculate at t=0.001 s  

       [Sim2000App] Info - Simulation stopped by user. >> Calculate at t=0.001 s  

      SDB file "E:Co-simulation of Electric Traction Driveansys maxwell 21.2.aedtresultsSimplorer2 empTR_TR_S0_V337_R0.sdb" saved. 

      Simulation completed successfully. Time: 4.098000 sec.  

      Normal completion of simulation on server: Local Machine. 

    • Dinesh_R
      Hello i need some help in the cosimulation of ansys and matlab i got the above error, Kindly someone help me to clear the error Kindly please see the attachment.
    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @Dinesh_R You may ignore the warnings.
      Your data says "Simulation stopped by user"
      It also says "simulation completed successfully." What is the error?
      It's a bit confusing.
      did your simulation complete successfully?
      If the model is not converging increase the mesh and number of cycles in the analysis setup.
      Regards Navya
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