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Error in contact

    • Himanshi

      Dear Sir

      In ANSYS APDL, I am trying to simulate sliding in a masonry wall using Friction Model. When I was using CONTA174 and TARGE170 and keyopt(12) = 6 or 5, there is no sliding but if I use keyopt(12) = 2 i.e., no separation contact(sliding permitted) there is sliding contact status seen but when I applied same concept to multiple bed joints, not all. I am getting error-

      Contact status changes abruptly from contact to no contact.

      Can anyone help me with this issue.

      What keyopt should I use so that contact layer can slide over each other ??

      Thank you


    • Rahul Kumbhar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Himanshi,


      keyopt(12) =6 or 5 is for bonded MPC contact. You need to set keyopt12 = 0. And then define coeff of friction.

    • Himanshi

      Hii rkumbhar,

      Thank you for suggestion.

      I tried using keyopt(12) = 0 and then define coefficient of friction but in that case my upper element got separated in vertical (normal direction) from lower one at the interface instead of sliding.

      Can you help me what is wrong with it?


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