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Error in CZM model

    • Snkaranarayanan

      Hello everyone,

      I am a master student working in the structural analysis. The aim of my simulation is to find the stress at which the bonded contact breaks. I am using the CZM Model, separation based contact debonding. I had the experimental data for the peel off test and i have calculated the CZM material parameters and after applying, am getting the error, solver pivot error due to inappropirate material properties. I do not know how to proceed from here on and am looking for some suggestion. I have attached my stress-strain graph along with the material properties. 

      Also am working in the 2D model and am using the axis symmetric along y axis and in the contacts am using the bonded, Augumented lagrange. Normal contact siffness factor as the 0,2.

    • sk_cheah

      A quick google search of: czm ansys

      should give you some good resources.




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