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Error in defining multiple mixture templates!!!!

    • Zeshan Aslam

      Hi everyone,

      I am modeling moisture transfer through a flat plate energy exchanger. I use a species transport model for moisture transfer from one side to another. For that, I have to create two mixture templates i.e. one for humid air and the other for the salt solution. I have copied and created the solution in materials-->mixture-template. But, when I go into Cell zone conditions and try to assign different mixture templates to humid air and salt solution, I cannot see options in the material name. There is only one mixture template available.

      Can anyone please help out with this problem so I can assign different mixture properties on both sides?

      The problem is also highlighted in the screenshot attached herewith.

      Thank you.

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee


      I think this is a known behavior. The problem is single phase i.e., a single set of conservation equations are solved. Here, we simply cannot define two mixtures, even when they are on different fluid zones. If possible, try to combine both the mixture-templates into one, and define the species that are present in different zones, when patching.

    • Zeshan Aslam

      Dear Mr. Prashanth,

      Thank you for your response. I got your point about combining both mixture templates. However problem is that there is a significant difference in properties on both sides, so combining the mixture templates results may not be realistic. Regards

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