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Error in Mechanical-Unable to write APDL input file

    • Kai Lu

      Hello, I have a problem.

      At present, I am doing a simulation experiment on the magneto-thermal coupling of permanent magnet motor on workbench platform. Maxwell2D design is adopted for the electromagnetic part, and 3D design is adopted for the thermal part in the steady-state thermal system.

      After the 3D model importing to workbench, I encountered an error when setting the heat generation in the B4 Model part.

      The solution I found online told me to set from A4 solution to B5 setup and update.Then update heat generation.

      But I ran into another problem when updating B5, like this.

      Update failed for the Setup component in Steady-State Thermal.  Unable to update setup. Unable to write APDL input file.

      How can I resolve this error?

    • Manish Dubey
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Kai, 

      Could you please share the snapshot of workbench project schematic page how you are defining the  connectivity between the projects? If you wanted to define imported heat generation for your analysis, please see this reference link : Imported Heat Generation (

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