Error in Multi-domain Steady-state simulation

    • cahya.amalinadhi

      Hello, my name is Cahya. I am new in using ANSYS Fluent.

      I have a problem in simulating my case. The case is a heat transfer between hot fluid inside a pipe (water-liquid) and a cold ambient air (air). It seems to be a simple case but until now, I can not simulate it.

      I ran it in steady state and activate the gravity, energy, and viscous model. There is an inlet boundary for hot fluid pipe and ambient air, I put different velocity and temperature for each boundary. At first try, it gave me error "floating point". Then I tried changing the solver method. It still gave me the same result.

      Eventually, I changed the domain of ambient air from air to water-liquid. Surprisingly the simulation worked. I tried changing the domain of hot fluid from water-liquid to air. Also the simulation worked with this setup. I concluded that the simulation worked when the domain are the same.

      Then I did several research to make the simulation work. The simulation of multi-domain worked when:

      • Turn off the gravity model

      • use coupled solution method, but not converge

      • both inlet boundary have the same temperature

      I need help from you all.

      Thank you

    • raul.raghav

      How was the interface (or the pipe wall) between the water and air defined? Did you use the thin-wall thermal BC for the pipe walls? Could you attach the workbench archive file?

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