Error in OscPlate FSI tutorial for Ansys 19.1

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      I was trying to run the Oscillating Plate tutorial using SystemCoupling with ANSYS Mechanical and CFX from ANSYS 19.1 on remote HPC machines with setup and solving on Linux using SSH and X11 forwarding to connect to the machines through a Windows 10 PC such that my workflow was

      1. Download the Oscillating Plate archived tutorial files on Windows 10 PC

      2. Send archived files to the supercomputer using Mobaxterm drag and drop feature

      3. Connect to the supercomputer using Mobaxterm to facilitate SSH based connection with X11 forwarding

      4. Using 1 cpu load ansys 19.1 environment variables on supercomputer

      5. Open workbench and attempt to complete tutorial as per the System Coupling 19.1 Tutorial Instruction for Section/Chapter 3 (FSI with CFX and Mechanical)



      Received errors after pressing update as per the tutorial instruction from Section 3 from the ANSYS 19.1 System Coupling Tutorial

      " An error occured while starting the solver module. Please refer to the troubleshooting section in the ANSYS Mechanical User Guide"

      Could someone please advise

      - why the error could be happening considering the instruction in the tutorial where followed as required.

      - how these could be resolved (without needing to change fluid solvers)


      Archived Project is Attached to this message


      Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this message and for your potential response

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