Error in simulating axial flux permanent magnet machine

    • duranm1

      Hi there, my name is Murat and I'm trying to simulate an axial flux permanent magnet machine, however I encounter issues as mentioned below:

      “Unable to solve FE matrix system. Possible reasons:(1) insufficient disk space (2) singular matrix due to improper problem setup (3) Unknown error”

      I have attempted this with various mesh settings but the error keeps persisting and now stuck on being unable to solve the simulation. Please let me know what kind of further information is neccesary to help solve this issue as soon as possible please. Thank you.

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Murat,

             Could you do "validation check" in Maxwell 3D->validation check? and then check if you have disk space for both project file and Temp folder?

             You could open an example of axial flux mahine in File->open examples -> RMxprt->afpm and use RMxprt to create Maxwell 3D model to check if you can run. Thanks.



    • duranm1

      Hello HDLI,

      It turns out the mesh needed further refinement so I increased the resolution which now allows me to carry out the analysis.

      However, I also have another issue with flucutating torque. When I run the simulation the torque just flucuates leading to 0 torque for some reason and thus no net output power.

      I have set-up the exitation as follows (with Dependant relation set at Hdep=-Hind):

      Phase A: V*sin(2*pi*frequency*time+delta)

      Phase B: V*sin(2*pi*freqeuncy*time+delta-2*pi/3)

      Phase C: V*sin(2*pi*frequency*time+delta-4*pi/3)

      I'm pretty sure this exitation ordering is correct, where the stop time and Time Step corresponds to a freqeuncy of 540Hz. For this reason, I was wondering what needs to be done to solve this issue. Thanks.



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