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General Mechanical


    • saurabhiitk

      Dear friends

      1) i am constantly getting the following error while running a simulation of compression test for the model  below.

      The solver engine was unable to converge on a solution for the nonlinear problem as constrained.  Please see the Troubleshooting section of the Help System for more information.

      2) i have also posted the other  warnings i get below.

      3) here is the finite element model that i have developed. please suggest any better method to do this simulation if possible.

      4) the structure is 50mm long and i want to apply a load of  10mm as a displacement to get the force-displacement diagram. its a non linear analysis and i have followed all the basic steps required to perform this type of analysis. where is the mistake? 

      5) please reply.


    • Shukla21

      sir, is there anyway to contact you even i am stuck in my project due to corona and i have some doubts regarding ansys and simulation of compression test .could you help me ?

      i am sharing my mail id

    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee

      Have you tried to turn on Nonlinear stabilization? A nonlinear buckling problem typically needs that to converge. 


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