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Error in static analysis of Voronoi beam network

    • RezaAlavi


      I am trying to analyze a Voronoi beam structure in Ansys Workbench. I developed the wireframe model in another software (Grasshopper) and then exported the dwg file to SpaceClaim. In the SpaceClaim, I defined beams with circular cross-section using the Voronoi skeleton as the path for beams. Then I opened Ansys mechanical and meshed the elements and defined vertical displacement as well as fixed supports on the ground. However, it keeps giving similar errors such as "There is at least 1 small equation solver pivot term (e.g., at the UX  degree of freedom of node 4112). Please check for an insufficiently constrained model. "

      I have read that this error happens usually due to not defining enough constraints, but cannot understand how I should add more constraints to the current model. I also do not understand how Ansys defines the connection between the beams. i.e. the junction types. Once I imported the Voronoi skeleton to SpaceClaime, it did not consider the network as a single entity. So, I suspect that might be also the source for the error. I would appreciate if somebody help me figure out where the problem comes from.

      Below are figures of the Voronoi structure before mesh (left) and after meshing (right).



    • peteroznewman
      nDo a Modal analysis with the supports to ground and request 25 modes. If the first six modal frequencies are numerically zero, and the seventh is a much larger frequency, then there is one unconnected body. If more than six modal frequencies are numerically zero, then more than one body is unconnected.nTry to use Node Merge as a Mesh Connection to connect beams that have unconnected coincident nodes.n
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