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Error in System coupling

    • kimkarimi9574

      Hi there!

      I'm trying to simulate airflow through a pipe using fluid-solid interaction coupling(structural, fluent, and system coupling). The errors I encounter are as below

      "Update failed for the Solution component in System Coupling. The coupled update for system Fluent threw an exception. Update Solution Failed

      (DP 0) A solver failure occurred during the run in the Fluent system

      (DP 0) Error when making a remote call to participant Solution 4. Please do not save the project if you would like to recover to the last saved state.

      (DP 0) Update-Dynamic-Mesh failed. Negative cell volume detected."

      Would it be possible to help me in this regard?

      Thanks in advance



    • Steve
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Can you describe the problem in a bit more detail and provide some images? Does the pipe deform enough that the fluid flow is affected? If not, then a 1-way direct transfer (without System Coupling) would be best. This is shown below. 1-way refers to transferring pressure force data from Fluent to Mechanical.

      If the pipe deformation is significant, the a 2-way analysis with System Coupling is needed. When running System Coupling and it stops running, the first thing to do is examine the output files for each solver to look for clues to what happened. For Fluent, look at the transcript .trn file. For Mechanical, look at the .out file. For CFX, look at the .out file. Also, look at the System Coupling log file, .scl. You can also try re-running the case and stopping it just before the timestep when it crashes, then examine the mesh in Fluent or CFD-Post to get more clues.

    • xinzhou lu

      Hi, I'm having the same problem, it's prompting me that there is an error in the remote call, have you solved your problem? What method of ending was used

      thank you

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