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Error message in autodyn

    • Ahmed Taher


      I am using autodyn gui, ran a lot of models and all of a sudden, a model with +645000 cycles stops running and an error message pops up:


      what do i have to do? this message appeared all of a sudden.


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      It is hard to know what this means (it is a generic solver error message that does not say why it crashed).

      Does the model run if you simulate less time (thus shorten the end time and how long the simulation lasts) so make it only a few 1000 cycles perhaps and see if it works.

      All the best


      • Ahmed Taher

        this is my first time running a model this big, all models I ran before were having maximum of 50000 cycles. So, I don't know in fact if this is normal or not

        The reason I am making this model is that, I am trying to apply an axial load to calculate residual stress after a blast stage, the problem is the "stain rate" effect, I need to apply the axial load gradually. in autodyn, the time scale is too small (ms) in which axial load won't tell the true value of stress if it was loaded gradually. So i ran a model this big but it shows the error. the thing is, if I opened a pre saved cycles from the same model, it now shows the error message

        So, What can I do? Is there a way to solve this issue? If not, then is there a way to avoid the strain rate effect while applying the axial load?


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