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error message when meshing “copiying the source mesh to the target face failed..

    • aminuddin setyo


      im doing grid independent study in my exercise, when I do meshing then a message like this appears

      i use sweep method on my geometry. actually i can do othe mesh method like triangular/tetrahedral. based on ASTM i can use tetrahedral mesh (this must be quadratic element) or hexahedral. however because I'm referring to a journal that uses a hexa mesh. so i did the same)

      will this really affect the simulation that I'm running? and do I just need to ignore this because even so I still get convergent results


    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi aminuddin, 
      you can right-click the warning message to see if it highlights any issues. 
      If you use sweep meshing, ensure you have only one source face and one target face. Since your solution is converged, you can check your mesh quality mesh. If you are satisfied with the mesh quality result and your simulation result is as per your expectation then you may ignore it. if Your mesh quality is not good then you can refine the mesh size in poor-quality mesh part regions. Please let me know if it helps or not.







      • aminuddin setyo

        excusme sir, about sweep methode

        if i have geometry like this

        which surface should be used as source and target? because previously I used automatic mode


        after i do your advice, i try to add edge sizing in the top of my geometry (cylindrical surface) and it work, but this is a little difficult because I have to do a different edge sizing for each mesh size that I enter during the grid test

    • aminuddin setyo

      okay sir, ill try it

      thanks for your advice


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