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Discovery Import

Error messages during activation


    • krodricks
      This is the error displayed when launching SpaceClaim:   0% loss so connection should be successful with license server: Windows 10 Firewall.   Is there a solution to this issue?
    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Kevin Rodricks

      The account page is not showing any subscriptions due to which you are getting this license error. You need to first assign the subscription to yourself. I checked your account and noticed that you are the admin of the account, but it's strange that you are not seeing the Administration tab on your account page. So I have added you again as the admin user. Can you please log out of your Discovery account and log in again and check if you are able to see the Administration tab next to My Subscriptions tab. Then from the Administration tab, you can assign subscription to yourself and then launch SpaceClaim/Discovery.

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