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Error on Ansys Fluent 19.3 – “Fluent Application failed to start”

    • airbusa350

      I get Ansys through my university by using a VPN and AppsAnywhere 

      I can open my project on Workbench but every time I try to run the setup (Fluent) I get an error saying "The FLUENT application failed to start", the window pops up but I can't click on anything. Then I have to use task manager so I can close it.

      I have opened Fluent by itself and it seems to work fine in that case.

      I have tried uninstalling and deleting all files, renaming/clearing the App data Ansys folder, reinstalling. I have disabled all firewalls. I have followed whats advised in most of the other posts I could find on this but still I'm unable to fix it.

      Would be great if anyone has any suggestions on what else I can try?



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Where is the Workbench project saved? Unless you're doing a parametric run just export the mesh from Workbench and run Fluent in standalone mode. 

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