Error on Fields Calculator Use (named expression)

    • uirgochen

      Dear Sir

      I tried to save my formula using [fields calculator].

      But it kept showing the error "only numerics can be assigned as named expression",

      no matter what name I key in, how do I fix it?


      (software version: ansys electronics 2019 R3)

    • rtk
      Ansys Employee


      Could you please show me the equation which you are trying to save as 'named expression'?

      Two things can it be : Either you need to perform the operation whatever it might be, like integration, differentiation etc. and try to save it.

                                         Or some quantities that you've used in the equation cannot be saved as a named expression.



    • uirgochen


      I found what's the issue.

      For just watching the flux density in specific line in air gap area(2D).

      I draw a line then followed the guidance someone posted

      1: quantity / B

      2: scal? / scalarX/Y/Z

      3: geometry / polyline1

      4: value

      By the end, it works ignoring the 3rd&4th step, it can be saved as any name.

      I just wonder it should work logically.

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