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Error: PlugIn Error: Failed to import assembly from Discovery.

    • Yash Foujdar


      I am trying to do 2D Plane strain analysis using ansys transient structural analysis. I first change the "Analysis Type" property of "Geometry" component from 3D to 2D, then tried to do analysis. But when I am opening the model, I getting an error "PlugIn Error: Failed to import assembly from Discovery. No active bodies to transfer.  Ensure target transfer bodies are unsuppressed."


    • Devendra Badgujar
      Forum Moderator

      Hello Yash,

      The error says that you have supressed bodies in your assembly which you are transfering to Mechanical from Discovery. Make sure you unsupress those target bodies to import those correctly. 

      To unsupress any component/body from your assembly in Discovery, you can right click and select 'Include in Simulation'. 

      Thanks & Regards,

      Devendra Badgujar

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