ERROR: reg_ansysedt.exe: ERROR:error 3221225785 ; reg_siwave.exe: ERROR:error 3221225785


    • frankapdl

      hi, Need Help!

      I installed Electronics desktop 2021R1 in my desktop at university. The license file was installed in the server with port 1055. And the installation met a problem when configuring machine specific setting.

      ERROR: reg_ansysedt.exe: ERROR:error 3221225785 ;  reg_siwave.exe: ERROR:error 3221225785.

      I tried to solve it by setting environment variables in the system and also add it in "path".

      -------Variable Name: ANSYS_EM_DONOT_PRELOAD_3DDRIVER_DLL

      --------Variable Value: 1

      I also tried :

      1. Go to C:Program FilesAnsysEMAnsysEM20.2Win64config
      2. Right-Mouse-Click on “ConfigureThisMachine.exe” and run as Admin. 

      But the error still can't be solved. Any idea? Thank you.

    • VivekKamble
      Ansys Employee
      Hello @frankapdl.

      Please let us know the version of the Windows operation system? if you are trying to install 2021 R1 on windows 7, WIndows 7 is not supported at this moment for 2021.

      Thanks Vivek
    • frankapdl
      The windows operation system of my desktop is just right the Windows 7. That is the reason. I will upgrade the operation system now and try to install 2021R1 later.
      Thank you

    • frankapdl

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