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Error that occurs during the importing external data to transient transient

    • Hee-Chang Ko

      Hi, I'm working on transient-thermal and structural simulation. 

      I wanted to provide heat flux values using the Cartesian coordinate system, but I thought that using tabular data had limitations due to the data being too massive. Therefore, I am trying to apply a text file as external data to use heat flux, but it is not functioning smoothly, so I have a question.

      The data consists of two rows and has over 10,000 rows. However, when I apply it as external data, only 11 rows appear. Is this simply a preview, or is only the data from those 11 rows being applied?


      Furthermore, when applying the aforementioned format of external data, I encounter the following error. I'm curious about the reason behind this.

      1. The program controlled pinball grew more than 10% of the source point bounding box maximum length.  Check results carefully.

      2. No data was imported on the target mesh. Please ensure that number of nodes mapped count is greater than zero in the Imported Data Transfer Summary.


      I need your assistance. Thank you.

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee


      External Data will only show a preview and not all rows from the text file

      In Mechanical, you can turn on the display source points and see if the imported points and the mesh are at the same location. If the imported data is in a different location, mapping will not be complete. 

      Your sample data only shows X coordinate. Include Y and Z coordinate values and see if that helps


    • mjmiddle
      Ansys Employee

      External Data always shows preview of first 10 rows of data.

      If you specify the External data as 2D, when importing into a Mechanical model set as 3D, you can get rid of one of the XYZ (or R,theta,Z) coordinates, and have it sweep values in the missing direction.  The sweep direction is chosen in Mechanical for the "2D Projection" field. It is possible to sweep in a linear or angular direction, but not the radial direction of a cylindrical coordinate system. For example, you can get rid of the Z coordinate by setting the External Data system to 2D and setting the sweep direction to Z in Mechanical using "Normal to Plane." You can get rid of another specification of coordinate by entering a fixed value in the "Analytical Transformation" section. If you don't specify a fixed value in the "Analytical Transformation" section, but still leave out that column of coordinate location in the data, then it will assume a value of zero if not the 2D sweep direction.  Turning on display of source points in Mechanical will show it chose a Z coordinate of zero when none was given.

      In simple models, a large pinball radius on the Imported Load can accomplish a similar thing as sweeping 2D data to 3D model.

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