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General Mechanical

Error: The program is unable to open file file.r003

    • JeroenH

      When I try to solve a static structural analysis using ansys apdl, I get the following error:


      The program is unable to open file file.r003. Unit 29 is already in use.


      Can anyone help me with this error, or explain what is happening? 

      Thank you 



    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


      Can you add the /WAIT command in the processing section and see if it helps?

      If not, can you specify what version you are using?

      Basically what error message is saying is that the file is being used by another process. Could an internal MAPDL parallel process, an Anti-virus process etc. It could also be that the Fast File Indexing on the drive you are working on is turned on. You might have to turn it off.

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