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error: the trace component portion is invalid

    • Zhengting Wu

      Hello there,

      I want to see the results of L_d and L_q with my PMSM Model. I create all my Output Variables and select "validate output variables for selected context", all output variables are blue, which means they are correct.

      But when I try to create the transiant report, I got this error:

      strange thing is: the error only appear when I select an output variable with winding inductance as component portions. (Lad, Laq, Lbd and so on) Others can run normally. But all the winding inductions can create reports as usual. 

      If you have any thoughts, it is appreciated.

    • Timos
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, this is a defect of previous versions. I would recommend to update to our latest version (23R2) that the issue is resolved. Otherwise I would strongly suggest updating (update box) all the output variables that use inductances before every model build or if the issue persists, you should recreate all the output variables. 

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