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    • baccidavid
      Hi all, I have been trying to calculate monostatic RCS with SBR+ (PTD & UTD rays) of a delta wing. The model is 12 meters long and I try to do a full spherical analysis at 1.3GHz (which works fine) and one at 9.6GHz which always fails no matter what settings I change. I get no issues on meshing but only this message:

      [error] Project:v1, Design:HH (SBR+), Error solving SBR+ region! -- Simulating on machine: cmrc-cn02 (4:16:57 PM May 27, 2022)info] Project:v1, Design:HH (SBR+), Discrete frequency sweep complete. -- Simulating on machine: cmrc-cn02 (4:16:57 PM May 27, 2022)[error] Project:v1, Design:HH (SBR+), Sweep Sweep failed -- Simulating on machine: cmrc-cn02 (4:16:57 PM May 27, 2022)[error] Project:v1, Design:HH (SBR+), Simulation completed with execution error on server: cmrc-cn02. (4:16:57 PM May 27, 2022)

      Does anybody has idea what is happening?
    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Please provide more information about your query to help us serve you better.
      May I know what sweep type you are using for the "sweep" in the error message? Try disabling it if not required as you already have a discrete sweep.
      Which version of AEDT are you using and what are the RAM and storage limits you have in your system?
      All the very best Praneeth.
    • baccidavid
      Hi Praneeth
      Thanks for your reply
      I am conducting a full scan in elevation and azimuth at one frequency (9.6 Ghz)
      The computation in performed on a 3 nodes cluster (each node has 64cpu cores and 384 Gb of ram)
      Interestingly, if i split the scan in elevation, in 4 sub intervals (from 0 to45, from 45 to 90, from 90 to 135, and from 135 to 180) the calculation goes okay
      Any guess?


    • baccidavid
      Ah sorry I forgot, version is 2022R1
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