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Error Warning in 1-Way FSI

    • i.tamunodienye2

      Hi All,

      I am getting the following warning while running 1-Way FSI.

      "The number of multiframe restart files exceeds 999, a program limit".

      "No new restart files will be created from now on"


      Please i need help to sort this out.



    • RM
      Ansys Employee



      Please review the setting under the Analysis Settings>Restart Controls. You can control this setting
      here in the Details view of the Analysis Settings object, or under Tools> Options in the Analysis
      Settings and Solution preferences list.

      Please refer Mechanical User’s Guide for more information. Restart Controls (



    • bhagwantP
      Ansys Employee

      Hello i.tamunodienye2,

      Just an add on reference in addition to above details:



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