Error when generating images in batch mode

    • rm19g14

      I am running a script to read in a set of views, create a surface, plot contours on the surface and then save the image. The script marches the surface down the selected views saving images out of the contours so that I can put them together and create an animation of the still frames. The issue im having is that on random frames I get the error:

      No error handler available

      I can manually alter the script to avoid this frame and the script carries on as normal but this is not ideal because the error can happen at another frame and I need to run this script on multiple geometries which fall over at different frames. I have tried turning 'exit on error' on and off but this still causes the journal file to stop. I do not need the frame that is causing the issue, but I do need the script to carry on after this error 

      im very confused about this error and any help would be much appreciated. I have attached the error log with this post

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      please make sure that the surface creation is successful at the time of error. we will need to investigate why this error is coming? can you please insert some images of your geometry, mesh, set up?

      you can exit when error comes in with following. 

      Add the following line at the beginning of the journal file.

      (set! *cx-exit-on-error* #t)

      For example,

      (set! *cx-exit-on-error* #t)

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