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Error when running simulation in Mechanical

    • djnckln

      Hi all,

      I need help regarding an error that I am getting when using Mechanical. I was using Ansys 18.1 and have been updated to 2021 R2. I am running the same simulation for testing purposes. I was able to run in 18.1 but now I get the following error.

      "An error occurred while starting the solver module. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section in the Ansys Mechanical User Guide for more information"

      I cannot find anything helpful in the user guide that may help with this. In the solve process settings I have unchecked "distribute solution". I am sure that it isn't my model as I have ran this on another machine without issues and had no issues when running 18.1.

      Does anyone have any suggestions.

      Please help.

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee

      This error can occur if the Project is saved to a network drive or OneDrive folder.
      Save the project to a local folder i.e C:\test and see if the solver runs properly.

      Please refer to the following discussions, which might be helpful:
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      Regards Vinayak
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    • djnckln

      Thank you for your message and for your help.
      I have tried your suggestion but I get the error " An unknown error occurred during solution. Check solver Output on the Solution Information object for possible causes."
      I am undertaking modal analysis on a simple geometry.

      When I evaluate results, I get the following errors:
      "The result file C:\Users\MSI-USER\Desktop\Ansys\Tube with parameters_files\dp0\SYS\MECH\file.rst cannot be opened."
      "Current result file may not contain requested result data C:\Users\MSI-USER\Desktop\Ansys\Tube with parameters_files\dp0\SYS\MECH\file.rst. Please clear the solution and solve again."
      "An error occurred when the post processor attempted to load a specific result. Please review all messages."
      Thank you for your help.

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