Error while creating a new material

    • donaldark

      Hi, I am using Ansys Workbench 2019.

      I am trying to define a new material (called Go Big red) with Isotropic Thermal Conductivity behavior. I've also specified the Isotropic Thermal Conductivity with a value of 1 W m^-1 ºC^-1.

      However, when I assign this material to the geometry, it shows the error that it contains invalid property data and requests for density and specific heat. Can anybody help me out? (I am a beginner and following the steps of a tutorial in the Ansys course from EdX).

    • Ruturaj Gavali
      Ansys Employee
      Hey !
      For successfully performing any simulation you'll need to define all the required material properties. So, please try assigning the material to the geometry after defining the requested material properties which are currently undefined.
      You can refer to the following resources:
      Material Data (
      Engineering Data (
      User Interface (
      " target="blank">Ansys | Materials | How to Add New Material - YouTube
      For more information, check out the following links:
      Ansys Help
      Ansys Learning Forum (Rules & Guidelines)
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