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Error while doing analysis in Ansys Q3D

    • Arsalan Muhammad Soomar

      HI #community
      I am facing an issue while simulation my Ciruict which is imported from (PCB designer to Ansys Q3D simulation) successfully.

      After assigning all the "sources" and "sinks" on the object/face the error appears again and again.
      The popup shows "add sink or source on the given conductor" I already added that conductor, but it says should add one sink to the same conductor as well and vice versa.
      While I do that, it says the source-sink can't be placed on the same conductor.
      any lead to this will be appreciated.

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    • Arsalan Muhammad Soomar

      @ansys_team #help

      Ansys Employee

      Hi Arsalan,

      Thanks for posting your issue on Ansys Learning Forum.

      I would suggest you to refer, Help > Q3D Extractor PDF > Q3D Extractor Help

      There is a section titled in Help PDF Assigning Terminals (Sources and Sinks), please refer this section which will be a good read for you.

      You can assign source and sinks to any 2D or 3D object. Any net that you want to include in the inductance/resistance matrix solution must have a single sink defined, along with at least one source. This means that you can define multiple sinks to the same net but source should be only one. Please follow these guide lines with respect to source and sink assignment to overcome the errors.



    • Arsalan Muhammad Soomar

      Thanks DMARATHE, and team 

      I will do it if an error persists, I will get back to you. 

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