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Error while meshing in Ansys Aqwa

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    • Aniket Parida

      In Ansys Aqwa I'm facing these errors while meshing. I've tried reducing the element size and using sizing control, but nothing worked. 

      I have already done the hydrodynamic diffraction simulation for each element of my assembly and everything just worked fine. 


      Error 1 : "The meshing engine has failed to generate a mesh on all faces and surfaces. You may need to reduce the Element Size, or use Mesh Sizing to reduce the local element size on small faces."

      Error 2 : " Some problems occurred during the meshing operation; Workbench has been unable to generate a mesh."

    • Mike Pettit
      Ansys Employee


      Are you able to share a screenshot of your geometry? Can you also try importing the mesh into Mechanical, to see if you can generate a mesh there?


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