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Error while reading file.db in APDL

    • Zainab Altai

      Dear all, 

      I am getting the fellowing error message when I try to resume my db files. All db files were saved after running same script and input model but for milltiple loading cases. When I try to read the files for post processing, some are resuming perfectly fine without any errors, and for some I get the error bellow. Not sure what is the problem. It seems happing randomly, as sometimes even the files that were resuming fine are not readble anymore. Any ideas on what is the problem? or how to fix it ?


      "The program is unable to open file E:\......\loadstep80.db.
        If the suggestions in the associated error messages immediately      
       preceding and/or following this error message do not help resolve the  
       file issue, please send the data leading to this operation to your      
       technical support provider, along with the I/O error code of 999 and    
       the system error code of 0, for help in determining the possible        
       reasons as to why this file could not be opened. "
      Data file E:\...\loadstep80.db has incorrect format, is  
       missing READ/WRITE permission, or is empty for RESUME."


      Thank you!


    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee

      Not sure what could be wrong, but usually postprocessing is done with the rst file using the SET command, not by resuming a db file.

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