Error while running simulation in HPC (Halting due to end of file on input)

    • gaurav_shrivas15


      I am trying to do simple pipe flow simulation in ANSYS FLUENT using HPC, to understand how it works. But sometimes I get this error "Halting due to end of file on input"during start of simulation and then simulation stops. The error is related to something overwrite issue( source internet). I am unable to solve this issue.

      can anyone help me on this issue?

      My journal file:

      rc TRY1.cas


      it 1000

      wd TRY1.dat



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      On your local machine open Fluent and try each command in turn. I can see the problem (I know the TUI commands fairly well) but looking yourself will highlight what else you can do. As a tip, hitting the Enter key will show the menu options, and q (Q) takes you back up a level in the menus.
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