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Error while solving 3D model in workbench staic structural

    • adityasripathi

      hi, i am aditya. I meshed a 3D model in hypermesh 17.0 and imported ".CDB" file to work bench for static structural analysis. After setting up the case and initiating the analysis following error is piping "solve pivot warning or errors have been encountered during the solution . this is usually a result of an ill conditioned matrix possibly due to unreasonable material properties, and under constrained model, or contract related issues". After the solving, when i am trying to evaluate the results, results are not showing and above mentioned error is displayed multiple time. therefore, kindly can you help me out what could be the reason for this error. 

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      Pivot warnings usually indicate that the model hasn't been constrained sufficiently and hence there may be some rigid body motion. What are the boundary conditions you are applying? To fix this error, you will have to add or edit the boundary conditions such that any rigid body motion is prevented.

      Hope this helps,


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