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Error while solving for fatigue life in static structural module

    • Abhijeet Chilwirwar

      I am working on a hip implant. I have already solved for static load of 2300N. I got all the results. Now after some days, I am trying to evaluate fatigue life for the same model with 3000N load (repeated cyclic load). I am getting an error "An error occurred inside the POST PROCESSING module while reading the result file". I am attaching the model images. One thing to note is that it is an assemble and my main focus is the implant so in fatigue tool I have selected all parts of the implant as the geometry and left other parts of the assembly for which I want fatigue life and safety factor.

      Please help me with this.

      ANSYS Workbench - Error
      An error occurred inside the POST PROCESSING module while reading the result file.

      Also, the other error says: 

      ANSYS Workbench - Warning
      The result data for EPEL is not contained in the result file.

      These errors came after I added the fatigue tool and stress tool. When I performed simulation only for static loading then these errors didn’t appear.

    • Adriano Zaffora
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Abhijeet,

      can you verify that the Analysis Settings / Output Control includes all the output needed for the simulation to run? Also does the static analysis show EPEL state (are you going beyond the elastic limit hence used elastic part of the plastic strain)?


      Understanding the Material Properties Used in Postprocessing (

      To review the meaning of EPEL 




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