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error while starting ansys aim: Ansys.Core.Expressions.ExpressionEvaluator

    • Fireengineering

      Hello everyone!

      I just downloaded Discovery AIM student and installed it afterwards. As i tried to to open the workbench for the first time, this error shows up (for those of you wondering: it's in german):


      An unexpected error has occurred: Der Typeninitialisierer für "Ansys.Core.Expressions.ExpressionEvaluator" hat eine Ausnahme verursacht.

      System.MissingMethodException: Methode nicht gefunden: "System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1 Microsoft.Scripting.Utils.ReflectionUtils.GetCustomAttributes(System.Reflection.Assembly, Boolean)".

      bei IronPython.Runtime.Binding.PythonBinder.DomainManager_AssemblyLoaded(Object sender, AssemblyLoadedEventArgs e)

      bei IronPython.Runtime.Binding.PythonBinder..ctor(PythonContext pythonContext, CodeContext context)

      bei IronPython.Runtime.PythonContext..ctor(ScriptDomainManager manager, IDictionary`2 options)

      The error goes on and on for quite a bit. If there is a need for the rest of it, I'll be happy to provide it.

      Unfortunately my google research wasn't helpful at all. I would really appreciate any form of solution or information on how to fix it.

      Thank you for your help!

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