General Mechanical

General Mechanical

Error while trying to solve using explicit

    • kartik


      i carried out static simulation to check at what load the component is failing later the same model i used to simulate in explicit to visualize the failure by invoking the principal stress failure. 

      two errors which show up are

      1. contacts has expericened an abrupt change (static)

      2. general failure error in soultion process (explicit)

      how do i fix this?

    • peteroznewman

      You haven't provided sufficient detail to advise you on how to fix your model. The Static Model may have inadequate contact definitions or the solver may have step sizes that are too large. The Explicit model probably has inadequate initial conditions and incompatible boundary conditions. Here is an example of the same problem solved in Statics and Explicit

      If you attach your model to your reply with a detailed explanation of what kind of failure you expect, perhaps you can get some more detailed advice. Follow these directions on how to archive your model.

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