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Error while updating physics


    • starrynightwalker

      When I attempt to update the physics,I meet the problems as blew.Do you have any suggestion?Thanks in advance!

       *** ERROR ***                           CP =       0.250   TIME= 18:11:05
       The license is currently in use by another application in this          
       Workbench session such as Mechanical or another Mechanical APDL         
       application.  You must wait until the other application has finished    
       its task (for example meshing) or manually PAUSE the other Mechanical   
       APDL application. 

    • richard.clegg

      Starrynightwalker Your subscription license only allows you to solve one AIM simulation at any one time. This message indicates you already have an AIM simulation running. If you save and close the other AIM session you should find the simulation here will solve.

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