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Error whilst meshing

    • Sean Donald


      I'm trying to mesh a 3D scan I've imported into Ansys but keep getting the same error e.g "one or more surfaces couldn't be meshed with acceptable quality. Try using a different element size or virtual topolgy". 

      The picture shows the scan and current Mesh and Mesh Method details I am using. I've been playing around with different element sizes but am not getting anywhere.

      Does anyone have any advice.


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      From image it looks like a single curved surface. Please split that surface in SpaceClaim into 5-10 surfaces. Then try meshing. Please go through help manual for more details Regards, Keyur How to access Ansys Online Help Document Guidelines on the Student Community Fluids Engineering Courses | Ansys Innovation Courses
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