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Error with Analysis

    • ammorey

      Good morning to all , 

      while performing a fracture analysis for semi-elliptical crack, after I get the result I see this messages , so could you please explain to me whether these errors because the mesh or because the constraints. For the last message is that indicate that all my result is wrong ? 


      Thanks to all 



    • peteroznewman

      These are not Errors, they are warnings. The second warning has no effect on your solution, just on how long you had to wait for it to compute. You can change the Solver under Analysis Settings from Program Controlled to Direct and see if that indeed solves faster than the Iterative solver. It may or it may not. 

      I'll let others address the warnings on the Fracture issues.


    • ammorey

      Dear Peter , 

      Thanks for your clarification .. its clear now 

    • David Weed
      Ansys Employee

      The help explains the last warning:


      Note:  If you get the following message:

      The fracture parameters computed during solution may be incorrect. Check the Solver Output on the Solution Information object for possible causes.

      Check for the following:

      • A contact might have been created in the region of the crack contours.

      • A load might have been applied in the region of the crack contours that is not supported in the fracture parameter computation. Try replacing it with a Direct FE load. You can also replace the normal Pressure loads using the Applied By property option, Direct.

    • aimeri42
      Hello, about the last warning, I followed what you suggested and I saw that in the Solution Information it writes this: nFracture parameter calculation issue: Contour integration for crack 1  shows that some of contours are beyond the FE model and are to be modified. Please carefully evaluate the reported contour integral results.    nCould you please explain what does this mean, and how to fix it. I could not understand what it meant. nFor my case, I am just analyzing a single edge tension test specimennSincerelyn
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