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Error with loading MHD in Fluent 2021 R1

    • blackram


      I followed the instructions loading MHD into fluent with the following: "define/models/addon-module". The material UDF were loaded but then an error popped up at the bottom:

      Error: ASSV: invalid argument [2]: improper list Error Object: #f

      I looked over at the Fluent model list and MHD is not listed. I was wondering if someone knows what the error means and how to fix it.


    • Karthik R
      Hello Is this on a fresh instance of Fluent? At what stage are you implementing this step? Can you try implementing this step right after you load your mesh file?
      Can you provide a screenshot of the Fluent Console when you receive this error message?
    • blackram
      HI Kremella This is not a fresh instance of Fluent. I had made a Fluent laminar analysis before hand then duplicated it. The duplicated one is where I'm adding in MHD. In the fluent, I am on stage 4 which is setup of the analysis after the mesh stage.
      Attached below is the screenshot of the Fluent console and model list which doesn't list the MHD module.
      Previously, I uninstalled and reinstalled Ansys and the error was still there. Right before you commented, I completely uninstalled Ansys including deleting the leftover "Shared Files" folder that would remain after uninstall this time. Then reinstalled and I noticed in the fluent I had saved after the error. Now shows the MHD module in the model list.
      I am able to replicate the error when I duplicate the original fluent analysis and try to load MHD again like in the screenshot. If close fluent and then reopen, MHD will now appear in the model list which did not happen before the entire uninstall.
      This is interesting to me and I would like to prevent it from the future so I wouldn't have to do a complete uninstall and reinstall. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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