Error with multiple maxwell eddy current analysis

    • salcip

      Hi all,

      I am conducting a transient thermal analysis of heat induction phenomenon.

      I want to simulate a ramp of power so that the core loss in the workpiece goes from 0 to the target power linearly. In order to simulate this, in workbench, I defined one transient thermal module and 10 different maxwell 2D modules. In each of the maxwell module I have the same geometry, the same boundary conditions, materials and setup. The only difference is the value of excitation current that is different for each module just to get the ramp.

      Then I connected the results of the 10 Maxwell modules to the transient thermal so I can import the 10 different conditions.

      To avoid ram or cpu problem I am manually simulating one system per time. The solution has gone good for the first 3 maxwell modules. Then I started having this error:

      "Solving for eddy current adaptive pass 23, process solver2d exited with code -1073741819".

      I don't know if it can be useful but the first 3 simulations have produced a results in just 21 adaptive passes.

      Can anyone help me find a solution?

      Is this the correct approach or can I generate and import a ramp of core loss easily?



    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      You may need to submit service request and the model to Ansys support team, because this error could not provide enough information.
      I am not sure if the linking that you did works between Maxwell eddy current and Mechanical transient thermal, but please check the heat source input of the transient thermal model to verify if you get all the loss results. I do not know if we have any values to do the simulation above and why you want to do a ramp of core loss. You also could separate the modelling, simulate all the core losses that you want to in Maxwell, and enter those values as the heat in the Mechanical thermal model, not use linking.
      If you would like to simulate the transient core loss, we could coupling Maxwell transient and Mechanical transient thermal, or Maxwell to Fluent. Thanks.
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